1116 See-Em-Ia Lane

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THE ARTIST: Glu is a non binary fluid acrylic artist. They are self taught and started learning about fluid acrylics in January 2018. Glu is a new and emerging fluid artist. They started painting as a way to unwind from the daily stress of life. Glu finds the act of mixing the paints and pouring very relaxing. The movement of the paintings give Glu a sense of relief and satisfaction. 

THE PAINTINGS: Each painting made represents how Glu experiences the world. They display this through the choice of colors and the movement of the paint. The designs are all organic and not forced. Pouring the paint can put Glu in a trance when they are into it. Each piece is created with only the flow of the paint and the movement of the canvas. No paintbrushes used here!

THE STUDIO: Glu Fluid Acrylics is a small studio in the west end of Vancouver, BC. It is place where Glu can paint and display their artwork. This tiny space has gone through many transformations. Before Glu took over the space for an art studio, their partner ran a small personal training studio named Feral Strength. He now runs a larger space with other local trainers in Chinatown.